Q: Will this fit my vehicle?


A: Please use the search function in our shop to see if your vehicle is available, alternatively please get in touch and we can provide you with the answer you need.


Q: How are tuning boxes installed?


A: Our tuning boxes connect to the fuel injection system within the engine bay. We provide OEM connectors on the provided wiring harness to ensure a correct fit, the tuning box sits in-line with your vehicle's existing electronics, they are 100% plug and play so can be installed at home with minimal effort required(instructions are included).

Q: Are tuning boxes detectable?


A: No, the tuning boxes do not reprogram the vehicle's ECU in any way whatsoever nor do they leave a trace. They can simply be removed at any time from the vehicle.

Q: Are they safe?


A: Absolutely, our tuning boxes are 100% safe, and will not damage your engine in any way. Our extensive knowledge gives us the ability to provide you with a product that is safe to use. All of your vehicle's existing safety features are always in control of your engine, as they would be without a tuning box fitted, and none of our systems override or alter your vehicle's settings at any time.

Q: Do I need to modify anything to fit?


A: No, our products are 100% plug and play, no cutting or soldering is required.

Q: What is included?


A: You will receive a tuning box with correct software, along with the correct wiring harness and fitting instructions.

Q: Are your tuning boxes compatable with vehicles that have a DPF?


A: Yes, our boxes are designed so that emissions are not increased, therefore the DPF works as it should.

Q: Do I need to inform my insurance company?


A: We would always recommend that you inform your insurance company on any modification's made to a vehicle.